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Where to Sell and Donate Recyclables in Abuja

If you have ever heard the phrase “waste to wealth”, here is how you can start benefiting from your waste in Abuja.

We all buy (soft) drinks packaged in plastic (PET) bottles, glasses or Aluminum cans. After we drink down the contents, we either toss it in the bin or on the road. Do you know what happens to these waste when they get hauled away by waste collectors? They take them to dumpsites and simply dump there. Now that’s not the scary thing. When this goes on forever, we will be fighting for land with the waste we create.

That’s what developed countries like Italy and many others are currently facing. They generate a lot of waste and do not have where to dump it. A huge monumental case is about to happen in Delta State, where a company from Italy, through a Nigerian company, brought their waste to dump in the state.

And if you live in Abuja, there are people who are just a phone call away to come and collect your recyclables. There are 3 things to do if you want to start being part of the recycling chain in Abuja.

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One. Provide a dedicated bin for your recyclables and another for the rest.  By doing this, you are practicing separation at source.

Two. Inform everyone in the house or office that they need to abide by the separation at source.

Three. Call waste haulers to come and get it. Who do you call?

You can sell or donate your recyclables to 4 different types of people in Abuja.

  1. Chanja Datti

It is a social enterprise that collects waste from households and commercial places in exchange for points (recycredits the company calls them) you can redeem for airtime, hotel room discounts, supermarket discounts etc. All you need do is log in to their website and register. The company normally provides a jute sack for registered households to put their recyclables (see infographic below). If you fill it up, you give them a phone call to come and get it for free. You can as well just provide your bins, when it reaches a big quantity, you can still call them to come and get it.

Screenshot (84)
How the recycling programme of Chanja Datti works

Enroll directly on their portal here.

p.s: you do not need a smart phone to enroll.

Screenshot (86)
These are all the types of ‘wastes’ Chanja Datti and many recycling companies buy

2. The second type of people you can give are the cart pushers. See how they look like below. These people normally ransack you waste bins outside. They litter the whole place when they do this, unfortunately. So instead of allowing them to do that, inform them they can come to your house on a given day to get it.

3. The third people to give are the kunu and sobo If you watch the road while driving in Abuja, especially in Wuse 2, you will find women carrying sacks with PET bottles in them. They either wash it to sell their kunu in them or sell it to those who do it. Some of us know people who even do this. Or your neighbor knows who need them, then you can easily sell or donate to them.

4. The last part is to approach the recycling companies and sell to them. There is one along Ahmadu Bello Way after crossing the Banex Bridge on your way to Gwarimpa and another in Jabi, just after the motorpark (ask for Gidan Roba if you get there). They will buy your waste.

So if you are in Abuja, you can start being eco-friendly by separating your waste and selling or donating them. You increase their income, divert waste from dumpsite, water bodies and inevitably help save the environment.

Have you already started selling or donating your waste in Abuja or any part of the country? I would love to know. Don’t know how to position your new waste bins or looking for advices on how to do it best? I am just a comment away.

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2 thoughts on “Where to Sell and Donate Recyclables in Abuja”

  1. thanks a lot for this info! I’ve been looking for something like this.

    I want to go into this business and be supplying to big companies in abuja… are you very familiar with this, I would like to get some advice from an experienced person before I dive into this. How can I reach you pls?

    hoping to hear from you.

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