Making Abuja a Green City…Invitation for a Panel Discussion on it


Preparations started early in July when I was contacted by the French Embassy of Abuja to facilitate a panel discussion surrounding what makes a green city, how Abuja is one or can be made a green one and the role young people can play in achieving this. The email came out of the blue, having had no physical or oral communication with the embassy. It was when I read the email that I found out they found me through my blogs written about the topics mentioned earlier. See How Green is the city of Abuja, Why Bike Lanes in Abuja May not be the Worst Idea,  Almost Half of Africans will be living in Slums by 2020 and Put the Green on the Walls.

My enthusiasm of sustainable urban environments has motivated me to discuss the greenness of Abuja with regards to features of what is called a green city. Judging by all standards, it appears that the purposely planned capital of Nigeria has to do just more in becoming a sustainable city.

Tuesday evening, 20th September will be packed with discussions surrounding ideal green cities and Abuja city. I will be moderating the panel discussion who will talk about issues surrounding managing big cities, Abuja specifically. A French urban planner and the president of the Nigerian Town Planners Association will discuss urban planning with respect to green city and Abuja. A young entrepreneur in the person of Fatima Ademoh will also be on the panel to tell us how she is converting waste generated in Abuja to energy in powering rural area of Kuje.


The event is organized by Institut du Francais and is part of the European Climate Diplomacy Week in Abuja. Other environmental discussions will happen in two other big cities of Nigeria, Ibadan and Lagos, where the French urban planner will make similar presentations on what it means to be a green city.

If you are interested in sustainable cities, goal number 11 of the sustainable development goals, then this is an event you will want to attend. If you are in Abuja and will want to know more about the master-plan of the city, then you will not want to miss this discussion. Have you ever heard that waste can be converted to electricity, whatever your answer is, you will want to meet someone who is actually doing that here in Abuja.

You are invited to the event which will take place at Transcorp Hilton Abuja on Tuesday, 20th September 2016 between 5-8pm. A cocktail is planned after the panel discussion. Attendance is absolutely free.

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I will see you at Transcorp.


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