Institutionalizing a major paradigm shift in power generation

Green Habitat Initiative

Amidst the current established facts on the need for Nigeria to diversify its economy and the existence of climate change, it is pertinent that the the government should in addition to fixing the plants and boosting generation, also encourage private individuals, companies and corporate organizations etc. to generate power by themselves. Green policies should be a priority if a change is required.

Without doubt, the current power production can be made better by improving the current technology and maintenance. However, moves like these do not encourage the break free from fossil fuel consumption but only increase over reliance on them. The word from the government is always about the number of megawatts they will add to the National Grid at the end of the year. Nigerian citizens are, unfortunately, indirectly motivated by generation targets like these, which discourage them from sourcing alternative solutions to the incessant power problems.

In an…

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