How To Easily Register With NSE and COREN in Nigeria

The NSE registration for the April exam is upon us, I thought I should be more detailed on how to go about the registration in this post. NSE checks your qualification and conducts the exams while COREN will use your merit certificate from NSE to grant you a license without having to write any exam. As a graduate of a university with 4 years postgraduation experience, you will be applying to the B1 corporate membership cadre of NSE.

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The requirements for sitting for the exam have not changed. You will prepare two reports and sit for written and oral examinations. The two reports are your Postgraduate Experience report and a Technical Design of a development (eg. a building, road etc. for civil engineers). You will need these two reports to successfully register for the exam. If you are looking for sample reports, you can visit any NSE branch office closest to you for their assistance. There are two registration windows; one in February (closing on the 29th) and the other in August. Although this might vary a bit. Keep checking the NSE website for dates and full timetable of the examinations. An initial payment of ₦20, 000 is required for gaining access to the online portal. Payments can be made online.

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During the online registration, you will need to upload your bachelor’s certificate or transcripts of results. Before submitting the reports or even confirming you will sit for the exam, an eligibility test will be performed on your online profile. Your credentials and number of years after graduation are cross-checked to certify whether you can sit for the exam or not. It is after this you will be notified to continue with the registration by submitting your reports. If you fail the eligibility test, the money you paid will not be refunded and you will have to pay again for the next registration window. Ensure you have your transcripts or certificate and at least 4 years of experience before making your payment to avoid disappointments. Some branches like Abuja Branch will require 5 years (4 years + NYSC), assuming the service year was not spent in an engineering role.

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You can take the exams in any state in Nigeria. All you need do is to locate the state branch office of NSE. The branch will normally charge you for writing the exams at their branch. For Abuja Branch, Branch Processing Fee is ₦5, 000 and a compulsory Branch Registration of ₦3, 100 must be paid .

After your successful registration, while you wait for the exams that will come up about 6 weeks after the deadline of the registration, compulsory workshops on how to write the exams will be held by both the branch (held in the state) and the national body (held in Abuja a week before the exam). Abuja branch workshop is ₦15, 000 and national workshop is ₦20, 000. Summing all these up amounts to ₦63, 100.

Do you want to get a step by step guidance on how to go about registration, please fill this form.

The oral will test you on your experience, mostly through the reports you submitted earlier. The written test will entail among others, 2 essay questions; one on a local issue and the other on a national issue. Most engineers find this particularly difficult and often times fail it. If you fail any part of the test, you will have to re-sit it during the next examination period.

The computer test is mostly a walk in the park. You can be asked simple questions like to open an excel sheet, save a work or the likes. Generally, all the tests are not difficult.

My advises are prepare your reports in time before the registration window closes. Ensure you have at least ₦60, 000 prior to the exam for the registration. Candidates  who pass the exam will be asked to pay an election fee between ₦53, 300 and ₦61, 300 depending on when you graduated. This election fee is for you to be fully incorporated as a member of the Nigerian Society of Engineers. This totals to more than ₦100, 000. When you have your certificate from the NSE, you will apply to COREN with a token of about ₦40, 000 to be given a license and your seal. COREN has detailed the procedures of getting the license on their website here.

Do you want to get a step by step guidance on how to go about registration, please fill this form.

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Sadiq Gulma.


81 thoughts on “How To Easily Register With NSE and COREN in Nigeria”

  1. I have B.SC in communication Technology from noun & FTD in elect/elect from C&G of London institute. Can I register for nse & coren

    1. Hi Olawoye,
      What does FTD stands for? is it engineering? In any case, your discipline sounds tricky to me, I cannot answer for them. I am only certain of major engineering degrees (B.Eng B.Tech). I suggest you visit or call any of their offices to confirm. I wish you the best.

  2. Thank you so much Sadiq. You outlined it the way it is. I have just submitted my COREN application.
    Do you have idea much is the fees covering the certificate and the seal?

  3. Hi Mr. Sadiq I want to know if it’s compulsory that one must have a working experience before he can applied. Can A fresh graduate apply for it and acquire the liscense ? If he has the knowledge and the practical know how? Your answer will be highly appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Hello Alhassan! I am sorry for late reply. Unfortunately, you cannot register till after 4 to 5 years of work experience. I wish you the best as you garner your experience.

  4. hello sir.
    I study civil engineering in my national diploma and i did direct entry to study project management technology.(BTech) can I apply for (coren)?

    1. Hello Babalola,
      I think you still can. Please take a look at this website It gives details on your qualifications and which category you fit into it. I am thinking you only need a number of years of experience to add to your eligibility to get registered. I hope this helps.

      1. thanks sir.
        have made a confirmation with it, am told that as a technician in engineering I can be a member of the association (coren)

  5. Please I am a marine Technologists… Graduating 2014… Will my working experience be eligible 2018 February for NSE exams?

    1. Hello Toby!
      You will need 4 years of work experience (with your NYSC year being in an engineering related field) to be eligible for registration. Did you graduate Feb 2014? Otherwise I will advise going for the September exam in 2018.

  6. am a 500 level student of chemical engineering and i want to open an account with the NSE nd COREN.. hw is dat possible.

    1. Dear Thlama,
      I am glad you are interested in joining the professional body. It is much easier to start as a student. cost you 500 naira only. Simply go their website under registration tab to get the details. I wish you the best.

  7. Good day sir, I’m a mechanical engineering graduate. I graduated 2014, please I want to know how I’d write a technical report in automobile since I have major experience there. I intend getting prepared for 2018 NSE exams. Thank you sir

    1. Dear Jeph,
      Thank you for your message. If you graduated in 2014, it might be tricky for you to be registered in 2018. Except if you served (NYSC) as an engineer. I am not an automobile engineer so I do not know how to design an automobile. However, any technical design in your field could suffice. I hope this helps.

  8. Good work Sadiq,
    I have just passed the NSE Apri 2017 Diet Professional Examination.
    Can I use my NSE Election Letter to apply for COREN since my NSE certificate is not yet ready.

  9. I appreciate your good work sadiq… kudos
    Please apart from the university certificate, what are the other documents needed for NSE registration?

    Secondly, I want to travel to obtain my certificate, I don’t know if it will be ideal to also apply for my transcript to be send to COREN as I have it in mind to also conclude that of COREN as soon as am done with NSE. The reason for this suggestion is to avoid travelling for my transcript in a later day because of the time & distance from my work place.

    1. Hello Henry,
      Thank you for your message. To answer your first question, you will need all your credentials from primary school cert to university. second question, it will be wise to wait till you get your NSE certificate before you apply for a transcript. It may just get missing before you apply for your registration. I hope I have answered your questions well. If you still need more guidance, I offer a one-on-one guidance at a cost. Feel free to reach out if you are interested.

  10. A friend and colleague who’s already licensed said he only applied with his degree certificate only; how true can that be?

    1. Dear Emmanuel,
      Well the normal protocol is to submit reports and your credentials and sit for the exam as well. Perhaps your friend can tell you more what he did. But am not sure it can apply to everyone.

      1. Hello sir,
        Thanks a lot for ur time, use in attending to question. Am here to have understanding can someone register with HND certificate in NSE?

  11. My name is Alex, I hold a HND/PGD in civil engineering. I got my HND 2003 and PGD 2015. I have about 12 years of experience and I want to register with NSE. Will my application be accepted?

      1. Gud day sadiq,

        Thanks for the good work you are doing!

        My name is Henry, please I really need ur clarification on ths. I graduated 2006 n ve been practising since after my service year. although I never really had interest in NSE until recently, so I decided to register in ths coming Feb set n I was told I will need my certificates to be able to apply.

        So at the moment, my university certificate is nt ready, although I have paid for it n it has been processed n due for pickup bt becoz of the NASUU strike, I may not be able to collect it before d registration commence, I also ve one of my o level certificate am yet to collect as am using 2sittings results. Initial my plan was to go get the o level certificate when am also going to collect my uni certificate, becoz of my tight schedule.

        But now that I can’t collect the uni certificate, I don’t know if they will accept statement of both certificates frm me or if they will consider only the uni statement of result, while I travel to get the o level ready. I tried calling their office to clarify this but they re nt picking up.

        Thank you

      2. Hi Henry,
        Thank you for your message. You seem to be in tricky situation. I wish I can speak for NSE but I am not sure what they will say. If you can manage to get one original certificate, it will be great. I wish you the best.

  12. @ Isa
    Thanks sadiq from my investigation there is a category for food engineering. Pleasse how does a graduate membership benefit one from becoming a coren registered eng. Because i am a graduate student hopping to finish my masters soon

    1. There are many benefits. 1 is you are professionally recognized. 2 is you are licensed to do engineering work by the constitution of nigeria. 3. You cannot bid for some contracts till you are certified. etc. etc. I advise you get it.

      1. Hello, Sadiq. u are doing a great work here. I am a HND civil engineering graduate for 10years now.
        I need a one on one guidance cos I won’t have time to research everything I wld need for my NSE and CORREN cerification

  13. Hello Sadiq, i graduated August 2013 but finished NYSC July 2015 (But in an Engineering Firm), do you think i might be eligible. Am in Lagos precisely

  14. Hello Sadiq, please I graduated in 2014 and was exempted from NYSC. The date on the certificate is August 2014. I am preparing my reports for the NSE/COREN registration for the April 2019 batch. I’ve been onboard vessels since I graduated and so my experience is strictly marine engineering which encompasses mechanical, electrical, electronic, safety. What area(s) should I emphasise in my technical report? What is the expected size/volume of the report? I have been a graduate member of NSE for 2years, how helpful will that be? Are pictures and illustrations allowed in the report?

  15. Gooday Mr sadiq, I am an HND graduate of civil Engineering, graduated in 2012 and served as a civil Engineer in 2013/2014. Can I become a certified graduate Engineer in NSE and later COREN? Or I will have to go for my PGD first?? Am asking because I saw from coren portal that u can only become a technologist using HND certificate only!! Please enlighten me. Thanks

  16. Hi Mr. Sadiq! Thanks for the wonderful work you are doing here concerning registration with NSE and COREN but I want to ask you. Can someone with HND+ PGD both in Electrical/Electronic Engineering be registrable? Because I’ve not seen anything from your explanation about HND and PGD, though I read somewhere where they categorized such under B3 corporate membership registration.
    I need your feedback Sir!
    My HND was obtained in 2010 while my PGD was obtained in 2016.
    Any hope for registration?

  17. hello mr sadiq thanks for your tireless respond, Am an HND holder of electrical engineering with pgd in information technology can i apply for NSC

  18. Good day,
    I’m preparing for september, 2018 diet, please when is the registration commencing and what are the basic things that i need to do and know before it starts.

  19. Dear Sadiq
    Quite impressed about your effort on intending members.more grease to your elbows.
    I have an HND in Mechanical Engineering in1994,then so many steps to becoming a member but now what is the route to membership for Diploma holders like me

  20. Hi Sadiq, thanks so much for the information. Please I’ll like to know if I have to write exams or just go for the interview if am starting from category C1

  21. hello sadiq, i had a diploma in Computer science, then further a degree on same course in LASU part-time(2015). my notification result/cert is yet to be given to me still on process, but i have a proof of student profile with a 2nd class lower. i have 8 years working experience in IT. please can i still go ahead to register for NSE/COREN? my company wants to sponsor me for a training in OFC/OTDR maintenance with NSE next month. please give me the best advice.

  22. Hello Sadiq,
    Pls do i have to pay the #20,000 before registration? I tried to register but when i clicked on the register button, the next thing i saw was “no active diet”. Pls i need your assistance.

  23. Hello sadiq,pls need some clarification s I had ND in mechanical Engineering 2006 and started working in an organization under my field from 2009 till date and I obtained my HND in 2018 can I apply for (COREN)for the exams I have 10 years working experience. Your response will be highly appreciated.

  24. Hello Sadiq,
    l graduated in 2008 with B. Sc. (ed) Industrial Technology. I work as Technical Officer in the local government. Am l qualify to register?

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