Attention VC MAUTECH Cc President GoodLuck Jonathan : when has it become compulsory to collect loan?

And tomorrow they will say there are no funds for research. When in fact, some avaricious people are trying to divert university funds.

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I write with dismay the callous and insensible action of the VC,governing board and management of the great citadel of learning located in the heart of the beautiful city of the land of beauty Adamawa state.
It is unfortunate that in their desperate bid to cover up their trail of siphoning the treasury of the university, staff were paid some money in the month of december which when they inquired about the motive or what the payment was for, they were told that it was bonus for the year; something they called thirteenth month.
At the end of december lecturers and staff were paid their salary in full, however, the staff got the shocker of 2015 when they received their pay slip just to discover a new item stating that the purported bonus (thirteenth) month is actually a loan.
A question I will love to ask the VC and management…

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